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Selling Your Home

Need to Start Building Before Your Home is Sold?

Have a home to sell? Your builder can finance your entire construction loan!

Most people have a home to sell in order to build another. You can apply for a construction loan with a lender providing you have enough equity in your current home to be approved. Basically a construction loan is a bridge loan.

OR, let Liparoto Construction finance your construction loan for you at a competitive rate. He is very reasonable and will work with you.

This process couldn't be easier. Give Liparoto Construction a down payment, we start on your home immediately, you don't have to pay another dime until your home is complete. You can finance all of your upgrades and roll your construction loan interest into your mortgage. Or you can pay as you go reducing your end mortgage amount.

It's up to you!

Preparing Your Existing Home For Sale

Curb Appeal and First Impressions

Lawn maintenance: Keep that lawn manicured. Pick up the kids' toys, and the dog droppings, leaves and snow. Especially snow removal. You don't want anyone to fall.

Entry: Make sure your front door and your screens are clean and operable. If the handle on your screen isn't working make sure it is repaired. This is the first impression a prospective home buyer sees. Make it a positive one.

Smells: Got a candle, light it, got a dog/cat hide it. You may love your pet and be accustomed to their odors but not everyone feels the same way. Pet odors especially if someone is allergic are not pleasing. Litter box -- keep it clean and clump free.

Was it the last millennium when you cleaned your carpet? Have it professionally cleaned. Or offer a carpet allowance for replacement. Carpet fresh (a baking soda product) sprinkled over your carpet or plain baking soda prior to vacuuming will also help to mask the odor and make your room smell fresh. Or buy a case of Lysol!

Walls: Handprints, dog nose prints, Picasso's sketches, faded paint behind that favorite photo? Yes most people will want to paint and add their own touches but $20 bucks for a gallon of white paint and a weekend with your friends will net you more than you would think.

Don't want to paint, Lysol, elbow grease and a sponge will also do the trick. Especially if your household supports the tobacco industry!

Clutter: Less is more! Make the rooms look larger. You might invest in a storage shed to store those family memories. Especially if you are preparing to move into a new home this may make your move smoother and will benefit you in the long run as you pack ahead of time. Enter the Clean Sweep make over contest from the learning channel check your local cable guide!

Rule of thumb, if you haven't used it in 6 months toss it! Call Salvation Army at 734-282-1943 or check your local yellow pages for a location near you.

Floors: Keep um vacuumed daily. Mop that kitchen where you spilt last weeks soup since you don't have a dog to lick up the floor! Clean up the "oops" around the toilet when junior misses his mark.

Closets: Try to be organized. Again less is more.

Laundry: Hide your dirty clothes in the washer or dryer, if you haven't had time to do the laundry and get them off the floor when you have a showing. If they are already in the washer, all you gotta do is add soap!

Showers: Wipe um clean after each shower. If you have a cruddy shower curtain, but a new one. Clean your caulk, lime away works great! If it is really bad, have it replaced. Drippy faucet, replace the washer, or check a local home improvement store for a new faucet.

Stairways: Unless you want a stairway to heaven and a law suit, keep the stairways free of debris. You want to sell your home not lose it to a prospective buyer.

Beds: Make sure they are made before you leave the house unless someone is sleeping in it; you never know if an agent will be showing it while you're away.

Windows: One word, WINDEX. Open the shades pull back the drapes especially if your home is smaller. The natural light will make it look bigger.

If you are going to be home during a showing, light a few candles, simmer some potpourri, have some cookies baking in the oven. These are good smells that sell.

Not around, plug it in plug it in, buy some room deodorizers!

Don't feel like doing any of the above, hire a maid service for the duration of your listing, it may be a tax write off. Check with your accountant.

Take a look at builder's models. They are clean, crisp; window treatments that let the light in making the rooms look bigger, light and airy. Simple, clutter less (except my office)!

So in conclusion, a few hundred dollars investment and a little effort may just get you the price you are asking and/or sell your home quicker.